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Who We Are?

There are a million ways to raise a child, and each child is different therefore there are different ways to raise them. As modern parents, we also want to defy norms. We believe that having a child will help us live fuller lives. Like you, our dear readers, we’re excited to tackle the challenges it will present. At the end of the day, our biggest hope is to raise a good kid. To do that, we know we need to raise them by setting a good example. When it comes to the future, we want what’s best for our children. But how can we make sure our decisions today will have a positive impact on their tomorrow? We’ve created this site so that we’ll all have guides to make informed decisions. We want our readers to see choices that are better than others and why they’re worth making!


Like you, we also…

  • Think a lot about the products that we buy.
  • Want only to surround ourselves with things that last versus things that will be thrown away sooner or later.
  • Find cool new products that can make life easier, but we look carefully at the claims of technology and innovation.
  • Always make sure we shop ethically and responsibly.

Our site was built with this purpose in mind. Help parents like you find products that are truly useful, not just because they’re expensive or feature great marketing. We’ll share information about products used by real parents. Ones that can help make a difference in your overall parenting journey. Our ultimate goal is to share hacks, tips, and experiences from our own families and those of other parents in our community.


    Who We Are?

    The House of Littles is a content-rich site for new and experienced parents looking to find honest reviews, helpful tips, and information on the most common parenting questions. Our articles include:



      List of the best performing products in their respective categories.



      General tips, tricks, and hacks for parents.



      Online shopping guides for parents.

      What to Expect from Us?

      Whether you are looking for a particular car seat or need some help with potty training your toddler, The House of Littles has what you need! The website aims to provide more than just lists and shopping guides: we offer tools that make raising children easier, no matter what the issue might be. On our website, we’ll share more comprehensive information about what you need to prepare for the arrival of your newborn, such as when do babies go potty? Whether it’s diaper rash cream or breast pumps, we’ll make sure to share information based on our own experience and the opinions of our community.

        “There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one”

        Sue Atkins // Parenting Expert

        • Honest ratings of products in easy-to-understand tables, to guide your shopping and purchase decisions.
        • Candid but helpful tips for frequent challlenges and struggles related to parenting.
        • New innovations, tools and techniques that can be used by parents and child-care providers.